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Interlock / 2017 Projectors, speakers, wood, lighting, floor sensors, custom electronics and code
Dimenions Variable

Inspired by Sir Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations, Interlock: Friends Pictured Within is a modern-day artistic response to the theme of friendship.

An interactive multimedia installation, inside you discover fourteen new musical and visual variations on the theme composed and captured with the participation of people from the local London community. Each variation exists as its own self-contained piece, but interactive floor sensors allow the audience to activate multiple variations at once, which interlock to form one larger composition.
Groups involved: Barbican Young Poets, Barbican Young Visual Artists, Broadway Safehouse, Greenleaf Primary School (Barbican Guildhall Associate School), Green Shoes Arts, Creative for Life, Guildhall Musicians, Kuumba Youth Music, LSO on Track Next Generation, Opening Doors and X7eaven.

Collaboration with composer Anna Meredith and musician and producer Jack Ross, plus over 150 people from London.

Interlock: Friends Pictured Within commissioned by Barbican Arts Center London. On public display from September 2017 to January 2018.