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Circling Sound

Circling Sound / 2009
10 Speakers, sensors, dvd player, surround amp, custom electronics and code.

A single user immersive sound installation using found and engineered audio recordings taken from various natural and mechanical locations. Cicling Sound transforms this into a cacophony of sound creating the appearance of a physical presence, which dislocates the users from the comfort of their surroundings. Through transferring these sounds between the 10 speakers immersion into the work is created by the steadily disorientation of fluctuating tempos and volumes. We ourselves are the producers of so much sound and yet the work aims to over enhance the experience. Circling Sound was displayed at Virtually Real, a Cybersonica exhibition for the i-Design Conference 2009. captincaptin was presented by Kinetica Museum. The links below give a sample of the audio recordings.