Want to know more? is an installation highlighting the issues of living in Europe where political discussions are centred less on factual evidence and focus more on appealing to citizens’ feelings on specific subjects and policy issues. A prime example of this is the UK’s EU referendum to leave the EU. Both sides of the discussion did not focus on informing the public and giving true, factual information to assist the voters make an educated decision, appealing rather to individuals bias built on fear, anxiety and anger.

Our politicians have always had a way of framing discussions to fit with their own specific agendas, but in today’s online twenty-four-hour news cycle, where political discourse can be shared moments after, there is often no attempt for fact checking. Anyone can comment online and we have news validity confirmed by the amount of shares and likes our posts receive on social media sites. The artwork aims to create a counterbalance to this, presenting the European Union in pure informational terms, showing data, in random, such as the cost of EU membership, the trading exports with international partners and how much money is spent within each member state.The work itself is an audience-driven interaction, members choose how much information they want to consume.

Want to know more? was shown at NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus in November 2016.