Timeframe project teamed culture with learning, participation, and conservation. The community-focused initiative explored the contrasting cultural heritage of Church Street, Edgware Road, London focusing on its changing patterns of diversity during the post-war period. Twenty-three young people aged 13-19yrs took part and captured, recorded, archived and shared the experiences of a range of local people, spanning different age groups and ethnic backgrounds living in an evolving community.

The outcome of the project was a 30-minute documentary put together using a series of recorded oral histories and supporting materials. The project focused on questing what heritage meant to an area such as Church street. Heritage, is a word we all hear from time to time but what does it mean? Why should we care about the past of this specific area? In the resulting outcomes, you will find details about the area, personal stories, a collection of photos gathered from people of Church Street as well as from the city archives. The aim was to record peoples’ memories of Church Street; to find out what it was like living and working in the area, what it is like living there now and how people feel about the changes that have happened in the past fifty years.

These were shared with the community and a wider audience by contributing to the collection of the Westminster Archives and was exhibited at local community settings and at art venues across London, including the Serpentine Gallery and Notting Hill cinema.