Lost Objects (Touch)

As the modern world marches towards the evermore virtual, we now communicate, share and even entertain ourselves in digital spaces. Our financial systems have all moved online; the final assault is now taking places in our own wallets and the way we pay for the everyday goods and services.

Through the first in the ‘Lost Objects Series’ of interactive and tactile installations, artists Cara Flynn and Jonathan Munro explore the loss of touch in a modern world where the digital is often favoured over the physical.

Using over one thousand 2p coins gathered from friends in exchange for the equivalent in an online bank transfer they explore the notion that we’ll soon no longer be able to touch money and the implications that this could have on simple aspects of our lives?

How would we play the arcade coin pusher game? Where would our wishes come from if we had nothing to throw in a wishing well? Would we miss a weighty wallet, the metallic smell or the sound of falling coins in a penny jar?