An interactive multimedia installation commissioned for the Barbican Centre in London. Inside the installation, you discover fourteen musical and visual variations on the theme composed and captured with the participation of people from the local London community. Each variation exists as its own self-contained piece, but interactive floor sensors allow the audience to activate multiple variations at once, which interlock to form one larger composition.

Collaboration with composer Anna Meredith and musician and producer Jack Ross, plus over 150 people from London.

A series of work exploring the effects of interacting with objects that are not directly visible but can be felt encroaching upon the viewer’s space. The experience evokes a feeling of being followed or crept up on, created by the work which the viewer is informing through their interaction. It aims to challenge the interactor, pushing their boundaries of comfort. Once you are aware of the large inflatable shape growing behind you, at what point would you break the connection fearing the possibility and effect that the balloon may burst? This is often used in a situation which presses the viewer into an enclosed space.

Production Methods

Whether you have had a job for life, you are on a zero-hours contract or an unpaid intern, Production Methods will have seemed familiar to all that has ever worked. With an unsettling sense of scale, the artwork placed you amidst the infrastructure and digital technologies that influence so many of our waking and working hours. Throughout the space the remains of a bankrupt business sit, machines still running but the workers absent. When visiting the gallery it might have been buzzing with energy, and words, or lying dormant waiting for the start of the business day. The boxes that dominated the space are the kind hastily packed with possessions and clutched by a worker just made redundant. Containing within them the promises and produce of marching progress, these boxes also serve as the site of artistic production.

Responsive Ecologies

A mixed reality environment exploring the expanding distance between our lives and the natural world has created a detachment in which we begin to lose the emotion of responsibility. The exhibition referenced this human-nature dislocation, creating a dynamic environment which affected and controlled by the audience. It aimed to symbolise an embodiment of ecology, exploring the relations of organisms, and their interactions with the environment. The installation was developed with Parag K Mital, a computational visual artist and previous Ph.D. student at Goldsmiths Computing Dept