Currently lives and works in London, UK. In my work, the viewer is not permitted to stand idly by. Theatrical and interactive, my artworks inflate, switch on, and talk back at their audience-implicating them in the processes. In my recent projects, such as, Interlock and Production Methods I have invited the audience to be involved in the artworks development, through a shared collaborative production and allowing them to control the different alternative outcomes in the final work. Audiences are able to re-make the work, never seeing the artwork as finished but with multitudes of outcomes. I am interested in challenging the viewer to question their place in society and the different structures we all live by, drawing attention to how larger institutional structures play a role in the way we construct our social space.

In previous projects I have focused my attention on the peculiarities of corporate culture, decoding the control mechanisms inherent to our current social and economic system that shape human behaviour. Adopting items I discovered in the workplace as materials in my practice, the artworks are often witty re-formulations of found objects and texts. From a warped take on a corporate motivational poster to a play on the competitive style of an after-work game of table tennis, I aim to formulate a shrewd and mischievous analysis of our business influenced environment.

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